Importance Of Legalizing Same Sex Marriage

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Register to read the introduction… Dinno and Whitney confirmed that lawmakers, advocates, and journalists have used words such as “assault”, “weaken”, “destroy”, and “undermine” to describe the effect same-sex marriage legalization would have on opposite-sex marriage (2013, p.2). Furthermore, their research concluded that same-sex marriage would not delude opposite sex marriage therefore claims as such “do not appear credible” (2012, p.1.). Another argument against legalization of same-sex marriage concerns the threat against the religious right to discriminate (NeJaime, …show more content…
Sexual orientation does not implicate good or bad character of an individual more so; homosexuality is no more a disorder than heterosexuality. In 1973, as cited by Grey, Robinson, Coleman, & Bockting (2013), the American Psychiatric Association no longer considered homosexuality as a mental disorder and began “promoting positive mental health” including encouragement for gays and lesbians to come-out (2013, p.1.). According to research, the mental disorder, as explained by Grey et al, stems from individuals who do not act according to who they are, in fear of their own homosexual orientations, referred to as internal homophobia. This fear is caused by antigay prejudices and discriminatory societies (2013, p.2). Research also suggests that heterosexual individuals who have regular contact with homosexual individuals were less fearful i.e. less homophobic (2013, p.19). As individuals obtain an accurate understanding of each other’s differences they become less fearful which leads to a healthier society. With knowledge society moves away from fear and discrimination, and moves towards understanding and acceptance. Legalizing same-sex marriage is an important part of this movement and will add to the health and stability of our

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