Reflective Essay: Who Am I Learned Trust?

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Learned Trust
“Trust is something developed in the first few years of your life. Usually infants have one “face” they can depend on and trust.” A little while back my psychologist Dr. Henry told me that. I realized that I have a problem trusting people and don 't like having to depend on someone. I am a very self-dependent person. I push myself to work hard, get good grades and do things I enjoy. I do not like having somebody constantly telling me to do my homework, or don’t forget to go to work after school. I know these things and don’t like to hear them twice. My explanation of why I am who I am today is simple. I lack trust. When you are young you have to have somebody to take care of you because you cannot function on your own. The only
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When I was young it was little things like petty arguments with anybody who tried telling me what to do. Then over time they progressed into bigger and bigger problems. When I was adopted my lack of trust caused tension. I wasn’t trusting my adopted parents. This is probably because at that time my thought process was, “Nobody except my sister has ever cared that much about me before. So why do these strangers seem to care about me so much.” I thought it was a scam and they only wanted me to benefit them somehow. When I got older I started rebelling, and it wasn’t just your typical teenage rebellion either. It was to the point where the Department of Social Services had to get involved. Once DSS got involved, I was forced into counseling. I have always hated the idea of counseling. I refused therapy because one, I thought nobody would want to help me and two it was just a waste of money because I believed I had no problems. It wasn’t my choice though. I either went to therapy or I was to be placed in a group …show more content…
But, there were still issues so they referred me to a psychologist. Then we started yet again at the bottom. The psychologist Dr. Henry, was so focused on me he couldn’t see that my attitude and moods were cause by my parents trying to be overprotective of me. Since he didn’t see this and at that time I kept my opinions to myself. He put me on Zoloft to suppress my mood swings and relieve stress and anxiety. I was on the medication for months but it had no effect. I was still getting upset over little things, still having issues trusting my own judgment along with

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