Personal Core Values Essay

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Values are a vital part in everyone’s life that are learned mainly during the childhood based on a child’s upbringing by their parents. The values can change over time as a person meets new people in his or her everyday life. Knowing personal core values is important as it helps a person in building the element of self-awareness in their lives and help in making a decision on the way of living their life. Self-awareness can help a person have a clear view of their personality and moreover their strengths and weaknesses. By identifying the core values a person can focus more on them by considering them as an important part of their life. The values developed through life experience can help in taking personal and professional life decisions. …show more content…
Trust means showing honesty, reliability, safety and loyalty in the relationship either with the family, friends or relatives. In my life trust is important because it is the place where hearts meet and a person can have a sense of comfort while being around trustful people. If a person loses trust their life intolerable, it becomes really hard to cope up with it as a person can start to disbelief everyone they meet. Trust has affected my life in positive ways. By encountering with trustful people most of the times I feel encouraged to build more positive relationships with the society and people I meet in my everyday life. An instance of trust in my life was when I asked my friend to get an important work done for me from a Government office in India in a specified period of time and he gave his best in getting it done the situation made my trust and bonding with him stronger. In the career of law enforcement without trust a healthy work environment cannot be maintained. Trust can impact my professional career in a positive way, if I would show trust in my community by engaging with them, listening to their concerns and life problems which are making them struggle only than it would become easier to build healthy

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