Night John Character Analysis

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Trust in Others Words

In order to do the big things in life, you have to have trust. Without trust you will never have close friends or even be close to your family. In the book Nightjohn by Gary Paulsen, readers come to realize that it is important to trust your friends and family.

First, Sarny had to trust what the older people were telling her when she wrote things in the dirt. She says “I wrote them down in the dirt with a stick and Mammy gave me a smack on the back of my head that drove me to the ground” (page #35). Sarny didn’t know what was such a big deal about scribbling random things into the dirt. Also, she had no experience of Mr. Waller punishing anyone for scribbling things into the dirt. Instead of just ignoring her Mammy and still writing on the ground, she trusted what her Mammy had said and that saved her from getting into a lot of trouble.
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He was about to run away and said “I’ll be back he said, got some things to do and I’ll be back” (Page #81). Sarny thought that he was just saying that at first but later she realized that he was telling the truth. Instead of getting upset and telling him he was lying straight to her, she had to trust that what he was saying was not a lie and that it would happen. She had heard him talk about how he ran and got free once but came back to teach people to read. She at first didn’t believe him but then she realized that John was a man of his word and a little bit after he came back to her. Sarny had to trust in what John told her when he was about to leave the plantation.

In the whole, readers come to realize that it is important to trust in your friends and family. In the book Nightjohn by Gary Paulsen, Sarny is faced with situations that relied 100% on her trust and 0% on her mind. Have you ever been faced with a situation where you didn’t have enough trust in somebody and everything went downhill because of

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