My Retroactive Withdrawal

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Retroactive Withdrawal
November 14th 2017 I started having really bad panic attacks for no reason. I made the decision to go see a therapist the following day. I made the decision to see a therapist because I did not want to go on medicine. I thought I could talk through my problems.

November 15th 2017 I went to the therapist (Joyce Mitchell). I explained my problems, she thought it would be better if I went to a doctor and got put on medicine. That same day I went to the family doctor Leigh Spencer and she diagnosed I had anxiety attacks and depression. That day she wrote me a prescription for sleeping medicine (Trazodone 100mg) , two anxiety medicine (Buspirone HCL 15mg three times a day)(Xanax 0.5mg two times a day), a nausea medicine
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He did not know what was wrong with me but he told me to stop taking all of my medicine that I have been on for one month. While there he also gave me a IV bag of fluid because I was dehydrated because I could not eat anything from being nauseous. That night I stopped all my …show more content…
I could not walk around the kitchen without having to sit on the floor and let my heart stop pounding and let the spinning in my head stop. I could not eat anything or drink anything. I lost 18 pounds in 2 weeks. My boyfriend’s mom drove to Oxford and picked me up and brought me to her home in Hernando. (I could not drive because I could not see straight)

December 19th 2017 my boyfriends mom took me to her doctor because she was really worried about me. When they took my blood pressure it was 87/53. When the doctor saw that she told us to go straight to the emergency room. I was admitted for three days getting various tests done. Finally they figured out I was so dehydrated that my organs started shutting down and my heart was the first to stop. They tested and checked the rest of my organs, they were all fine. I was admitted for three days to try to get as much fluids in my body as

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