Importance Of Interest In Finance

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I am a cultivatable girl, whose affinity for finance burgeons under imperceptible influence of my mother, who has been engaged in finance. I have been interested in the subject of finance since my youth. I enjoy listening to my mother telling stories of the ups and downs of finance. Enchanted by the ever-changing financial world, I gradually form my dream of being a chartered financial analyst who is able to solve problems in my chosen program and in daily life.

First and foremost, a major of economics can make me understand more about my specific career, and what I should be focused on, so I major in Economy at Miami University. Acquiring a systematic professional knowledge is a crucial path before I go to work. Different from Chinese exam-oriented
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At leisure, I have read lots of books centered in finance. For examples, Buffett the Making of an American Capitalist, from which I know the astounding stories of Warren Buffett who has amassed one of the epochal fortunes of the 20th century, starting from scratch, simply by picking the right stocks and companies for long-term investment. This book inspires my interest in finance and initially lays a basic foundation of finance. When I read this book, I got entered into the author’s feelings. So I want to know more about what I am now interested …show more content…
Now I am apply to the major of finance in a hope to systematically learn the financial knowledge, particularly in the field of investment and banking. In addition to theoretical knowledge accumulation, I expect to practice and improve on my analytical skills after graduation through research assistantship working with a renowned professor in the field of finance, in which I can observe deeply how the application of mathematical and statistical methods to the analysis of financial data provides advices to consumers on financial

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