Reflective Essay: Intentional Learning For College Success

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What is learning, you ask. Learning isn’t just about memorizing information. Learning involves you taking in the world around you and connecting to what you are experiencing. It then requires that you make sense of the experience – that you come to an understanding of it, (Intentional Learning for College Success, chapter 1). In order to learn you have to be intentional. Prior to this course I thought learning was simply gaining knowledge, however it’s much more than that. I’ve learned that learning requires you to read, write and think critically. I’ve also learned that we all have learning patterns, and by utilizing these learning patterns we can be successful learners. I now have a better understanding of why I wasn’t a successful …show more content…
My learning scores are sequence 22, precision 29, technical reason 7, and confluence 18. I use precision first, I ask a lot of questions and I like to be correct. I always find myself being very cautious, making sure everything I do is accurate. Before I begin any task I need to have complete instructions and proof to back up my work this is where my sequence pattern kicks in. I typically avoid technical reasoning; I’m not a good problem solver, I like to have all the facts and instructions before beginning a task. On an as needed basis I use my confluence. I don’t like change however I tend to make suggestions of new ideas I think of; only if they are needed and or will be valued. As I’ve discovered what type of learner I am, I learned how to make all of my patterns interact with each other to be more successful. My precision used to slow me down as I used to get lost in detail. I now intensify my sequence which helps me stay on track. I’m also becoming a better problem solver by thinking outside of the box with my confluence pattern. Before I learn I now think about what patterns I need to use and to what degree to use them.
There are several benefits to my learning patterns. Using precision first helps me to appear more knowledgeable because I make sure I know the facts and provide supporting documentation to back me up. With precision I read and write more critically. The benefit to sequence is organization which helps me to meet deadlines especially when precision can slow me down. Critical thinking is a benefit of technical reasoning. This is a huge benefit to me because I no longer will avoid technical reasoning. By thinking critically I’ve learned I can find solutions to problems and think outside the

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