Individual Education Plan

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Individual Education Plans (IEPs) are an essential part of the 21st Century classroom. Many students have certain exceptionalities that must be taken into consideration during classroom planning. Because of the uniqueness of each student and their specific needs, there is no ‘one size fits all’ plan. IEPs are created specifically for each individual student, catering to their own unique needs.
The process of developing an IEP is complex. It requires a multiphase approach and input from a variety of different resources. In order to begin the IEP process, the individual student is generally assessed by an Identification, Placement and Review Committee (IPRC). A psychological and health assessment may also be requested depending on individual
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This also involves meeting as an IEP team to make sure that all members are on the same page. Information gathered in phase one is examined in more detail, and recorded in the IEP template. It is very important at this point, to determine the specific reason for the IEP. This is then also recorded into the plan. During the IEP meeting, it is vital that all team members know their specific roles and responsibilities. This phase is a preparation stage before getting into the real construction of the IEP.

Phase 3: Develop IEP as It Relates to the Student’s Special Education Program and Services

This phase is all about the development of the Individual Education Plan. This can be the most intensive part of the process for all IEP team members. Preparatory work from phases one and two, is now used to create a working IEP document. Specific courses, that the student is currently enrolled in, are examined and it is decided if modifications are required or simply accommodations. Once this has been determined, it is important to determine the specific strategies and teaching tools that will help ensure the student’s success. If modifications are required, assessment methods and specific curriculum based expectations must also be
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An IEP document has many components that help the IEP team provide the student with whatever assistance best suits their specific needs. The top of the document lists the specific reason for the IEP. Then there is a student profile section, which lists their name, grade and IPRC placement decision (varies from regular class with indirect support, to special education class full-time). The next section of the IEP document lists the results of any assessments that have been completed (ie. Psychological, Medical, Behavioural etc.). Following the assessments, there is a breakdown of the student’s specific strengths and needs (often in chart format). These sections are all about the learner and where they are at going into the school

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