Importance Of Health Education Essay

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Health education is an essential foundation to have an efficient and effective individuals, families and communities that aim to bridge the gap between the knowledge and health practices wherein humans must invest on their health to perform duties and responsibilities at work or mediocre. At present, the Department of Health (DOH) much attention is being paid to the education for total health of people. They also believed that “the inputs to improve health must not be viewed merely as consumption, but also as a long lasting investment to development”. (National Health Plan, 2000). Good health is a precondition for good education. There is a saying that sound mind lives in a sound body, thus, education cannot be acquired without the proper …show more content…
Most people have a good idea of what is meant by health but it is difficult to define as well. The simplest and most traditional definition of health is the absence of diseases. Other definitions emphasize the positive aspect of health, describing for example, as proper working of the body and mind. Still other definitions of health include the idea of well-being. But no matter how health is defined, keeping the body well is the foundation of good health. Health is the very basic in community existence, so it is important for the people dwell in a community to be aware of the implications of good health practices.
Every individual needs sound health for his or her personal growth, development and success. A person will develop every mean possible in order to protect his health to a considerable extent. Moreover, it is fair to assume that the primary responsibility for person’s health lies within the individual himself. The concept of health implies that protecting health is one’s first concern and responsibility. Being aware of things to keep one healthy makes each individual more careful to his/her own body, to others and to his environments. These things make one’s life worthy and also prolong the life of the
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Bridget Community Center had mutually agreed and bind to create the Gabayan program that could address not only the physical and reproductive health needs but also for the spiritual health providing activities that would enrich the total aspect of the special group of women. St. Bridget Community Center is a non-stock, non- government organization run by the Religious of the Good Shepherd nuns inspired from the motto and teaching that “A Soul is more of value than the whole world”. The Agreement of the two parties as stipulated on the MOA are to (1) provide protection and preventive measures for women working in sex trade and in entertainment establishment, the welfare of the constituents of the City of Batangas will therefore be protected, (2) comply with the rules, qualification and requirements of the Department of Health in securing issuances of Health Card Permit, (3) strengthen tie-up and coordination between the NGO and GO in the implementation and promotion of other allied programs and social services for the upliftment of the lives of the target clientele group and

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