The Importance Of Health Education In Haiti

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Haiti is a Caribbean country located on the island of Hisplaniola and is one of the poorest countries in the Western Hemisphere with a population of 10,461,000. Decades of political instability, ineffective development practices, and natural disasters have left most of the country without any vital services or opportunities for economic growth. One of the many issues that Haiti encounters is poor health due to the lack of health education. Health education standards in this country are tremendously low with their health literacy rate being about 53 percent for males and 51 percent for females, while the average health literacy rate for all Latin American and Caribbean countries is 92 percent. Health education is directed towards improving health …show more content…
Money will have to be spent on transportation, medical care visits, and medications, but it is difficult when majority of the country lives in poverty. 59% of the population lives on US$2.42 per day and 24% lives in extreme poverty on US$1.23 per day. Most of the country may not have the money to go to a health care clinic, so with this consequence many of the people may develop high rates of infectious or chronic diseases, poor overall health, and shorter life expectancy because they do not have the funds to get any health aid. The social consequence of the problem is that the majority of the country lives in poverty. This means that the people in Haiti are more likely to have poor nutrition and diminished health practices, which can lead them to having a hard time concentrating or listening to what is being taught. The political consequence of the problem is that the lower-income Haitians have inequality and insufficient education when it comes to their health. They are the ones that are more susceptible to diseases, poor nutrition, and higher rates of HIV, yet they have less health education than areas with medium to high income. The government fails to make meaningful improvements to the areas with low income and it has had a negative effect on their

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