Importance Of Having An Ideal Friend

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Its great to have friends, but having an ideal friend is better. Having an ideal friend is like having everything you want by your side. My best friend will be happy for all things I offer to them. All I want is a best friend that has many things in common with me.

First things first. Hanging out together would be very fun. To hang out, your schedule can not be packed with other things you need to do. It's hard if you have a job, extracurriculars, and a bunch of homework. If you have free time, we can spend time together which will be great for the both of us.

Speaking of spending time together, we have to spend that time very wisely. And by wisely, I mean doing whatever we can to make our time exciting. Humour is great. I love making
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I can't just go without understanding anything and getting everything I need to know. I won't just ask about those things. I will ask about a ton of other things. It may annoy you, but I still need to do it. If I had to guess, I would say about 15-20 questions will be asked from me a day.

Everyone loves music and dancing. So you’re in luck. Anytime anywhere, if I’m bored, I will play music and dance to it. If I’m feeling and happy song I play a happy song and dance to it. Not a full dance routine, maybe a little dance to make you laugh. I’ll make sure you laugh at my jokes. If i dance, tell a joke or even just do something weird, you will laugh. And since I have the biggest sense of humour, I will laugh at what you do too.

At the end of the day I just really need someone that has those features I listed. It’s very important to me. I also would really like if you understand why I feel this way about having a best friend; and why you should become my best friend. All the things that come with being my best friend, are fun and positive things. I’m not asking for much. Think about it, spending time together, do fun and extreme things, watching a bunch of T.V shows and movies. Plenty more to come. I promise, you won't regret

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