Importance Of Handbags

The most expansive Purses
Purses are the little pouches which are made for women to carrying their cosmetics, their money, books and luxury purses can make the girls more attractive and stylish in their collage, university and their society women and they play crucial role in their attempt to latest fashion trends and to look unique as compared to their friends and to maintain their standards so, every women wants to buy most expensive purse or handbag to make their look more modern and another aspect of buying purses or handbags are to carrying different things like their beauty creams, their combs and glasses, and other things of daily used so, in this article we are going to discussed most expensive purses of the world which is definitely
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Hilde Palladino:
It is a Norwegian product which is most popular handbag brand of the world. They started their products releasing several years ago in 2001. Their most expensive purse was made with more than 35 small diamonds which list this purse rare and due to which it received a great and successful feedback from their customers from the world. Due to cheap labor, their handbags are made in Italy and their designs are unique and modern. 9. Prada:
It is a popular italic brand and the company is making many fashion brands for male and females. This brand was come into being in 1913 and currently making many famous products like jewelry, clothes and cosmetics. These bags are made by rare leather due to which they are listed in the most expansive purses of the world.

8. Lana Marks:
It is another popular handbag brand of the world and this brand is releasing many fashion products in many styles and beautiful colors in the world Cleopatra clutch was their popular product and more than 1200 diamonds was studded in it and its price was $100,000 and it was a record most expensive
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This brand belongs to Geneva and they have established their main office in UAE. Their purses made for women are very popular in the world 1001 nights, was their popular product and its price was very high and more than $3.7 million. It was most valuable bag of the year 2010.

3. Channel:
It is basically a fashion house belongs to beautiful country France and this brand is making many popular fashion related products which are known by all world. From 1909, it is releasing many successful and stylish products in the market. The most expansive handbag made by them has very high price of $261,000. Their products are known by the world.
2. Hermes:
It is also belongs to Paris and known for its popular and stylish products. Since 1837, it is releasing many successful products like watches shoes etc. Matte crocodile birkin was their most expansive bag and its price was $20,000.
1 .Louis Vuitton:
It is the No.1 brand of our list and known for its unique style and high standards. It belongs to Paris and was established in 1854. The most popular and expansive handbag product was sold for a very high price which was $55,000. They use very high quality and rare materials in their products which are loved by the

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