Importance Of Ground Rules

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Register to read the introduction… In all teaching and training sessions ground rules are necessary to ensure that all learners have the same expectations on how to behave. The ground rules can be established by talking through behavior expectations of the learner and myself. By involving the learner they are more than likely to take ownership and empower the students. Ground Rules that can be : Such as punctuality, mobile phones of or on silent, confidentiality and most of all respect.

Parts G and H, Effective Feedback, Engaging and Motivating Learners For every individual there is a variable driving force. Not all students are naturally motivated. Some need to be challenged, inspired and stimulated to learn and see a task through to the end. Not all learners are motivated by the same things some students are motivated by the approval of others or self challenge. To encourage students to become self-motivated, independent learners, as a teacher I can do the following: Give frequent, early,positive and constructive feedback that supports students' beliefs that they can do well. Support learners that need it, keeping in mind their attention span limits and discuss and set together SMART targets. Furthermore, whilst demonstrating all the above and showing respect for the learners/student individuality will in itself be a motivator
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Is a part of quality assurance and is a process that has to be followed. This proves that the qualifications are being delivered and assessed fairly, consistently and accurately. This is in line with the Ofsted requirements. Within our organisation we use a variety of methods to maintain quality assurance. Our policies and procedures are revised yearly in order to test their current effectiveness and legality. If they need to be changed due to changes in legislation then this would be actioned immediately. The TC will be observed at regular intervals and scored using the Ofsted grading process. Staff Continuous Professional Development (CPD) records are kept up to date. Standardisation of practice takes place this is when will compare and conform procedures. Learner retention is monitored along with complaints and appeals. During the course learner and employers surveys are completed. Quality Assurance is necessary to evaluate and Maintain high teaching standards. On all visits I will need to complete an assessment plan, records must be up to date, accurate, legible and factual. This is similar to a written contract between me and my learner but this can be reviewed and changed at any time. All assessment plan will be shared with my manager and mentor to confirm progress and to point out any areas of development needed for the learner to progress. Both the learner their manager will sign and be given a

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