The Importance Of Self Regulation Learning

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A self-regulated learner is a person who has mastered the ability to control and understand his or her own learning environment (Snowman, McCown 2015). Having self-regulation abilities mainly includes, setting productive goals, recognizing or adapting to different strategies to help achieve those goals, and most importantly establishing ownership of your education (Snowman, McCown 2015). Self-regulated learning is a very important technique to master and one that every teacher should introduce to their students.
Students should be encouraged to regulate their own learning because it’s important for them to learn at an early age how to monitor their progress, mange interfering emotions, and foster their own success. According to Steinberg’s
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In college, there were oral presentation, projects, case studies and other interactive assignments that really made you plan out what needed to be done in order to accomplish the goal of the assignment. To incorporate this in the class I would give my students assignments that have different parts to them that will require them to use different resources, such as the internet, videos, text books and articles; and also help them manage their time. It is also important that you help walk them through a few assignments; for example, if there is an assignment that’s due in three weeks, pieces of the assignment should be due within those weeks. This will allow the teacher to make sure that their students are own the right track and to assure that they’re gradually working on these assignment day by day. This way the students will know what needs to be corrected before the whole assignment is due and it’s also teaching them how to get each portion of the assignment done at timely matter, instead of waiting for the last few days to do it all and rush through it.
Overall, there is a variety of techniques that teachers should teach to their students so that they learn to become self-regulated learners. By providing them with opportunities that will challenge them and also provide the necessary skills that they will need to acquire to be successful throughout their educational

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