Importance Of Going To College

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Whenever I imagined going to college, I typically envisioned that it would be picture perfect: Joining a sorority, living in a dorm, going to football games, and being part of a college family. However, I soon realized that I was no longer interested in the average college experience. As I grew up, I noticed that I always had the thought of exploring the fashion industry in the back of my mind. I knew that I wanted to continue my education, but I wanted to do it my way and study something that genuinely interested me. Throughout high school, I never knew what I wanted to pursue as a career. Despite always dreaming of a spot in fashion, I let my doubts get in the way of me and thought it was a long shot. When senior year rolled around and it was time to start applying for college, I was unsure where I was headed. I applied to many schools in which I had no interest, and different majors that I considered practical. Since my parents did not attend college, I was unable to ask them for advice, so I took it upon myself to research different schools using trusty Google. To top it all off, I decided it would be a brilliant idea to not tour the campuses and just hope for the best. Little did I know that was going to be a huge mistake. As my friends and classmates were crying over their acceptance and rejection …show more content…
I had the smarts and willpower, but I just did not have time on my side. Well into my search I discovered an email from Berkley college mentioning a fashion major. This was something I had only dreamt of pursuing and studying. Without hesitation I applied, and within two weeks I received a call that completely changed my outlook on life. I had received a full tuition scholarship. I was in awe and could not believe that I was going to attend a school in the heart of Manhattan, all while studying something I was passionate

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