Felilician College Personal Statement

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As I entered my first day of senior year in high school, I could not help but imagine what my life would be like in just a year’s time. After visiting a few colleges over the summer and planning trips to visit one or two more in the coming weeks, I thought I had a general idea of where I would end up. However, I made sure to keep my options and possibilities open. Since I really did not have much idea as to what I wanted to major in, I saw attending college as an opportunity for growth. Ultimately, I was seeking an environment where people would recognize my strong work ethic and provide me with opportunities to challenge myself. What attracted me to attend Felician College was the fact that the faculty and administration seemed to …show more content…
However, I am eager to continue taking more psychology courses during my next two years at Felician College. As someone who has always been a deep thinker about other people’s intentions and society’s perceptions, being a psychology major has allowed me to better understand so much more about myself and others. Additionally, I am attracted to the flexibility that a degree in psychology can offer me. I believe that once I receive my bachelor’s in psychology, there will be a plethora of opportunities for me to pursue. As long as I take the strong work ethic I’ve learned and exemplified through my college career, I know that I will be recognized and rewarded for my efforts. Just like my hard work in high school caught the attention of Felician College, I trust that my hard work in college will bring forth even bigger opportunities for advancement. Not only that, but I also hope people will recognize the time and energy I put into my college education and use it as a motivator for them. Having a good role model to look up to is something that everyone needs at one point or another. As I progress through my college career, I believe that I will begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel providing me directions as to where to head next. I am hopeful that many options lie ahead for me including the possibilities of immediate job placement,

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