Extra Curricular Activities: Transitioning Into Middle School

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Transitioning into middle school is usually a difficult task for most students. Extracurricular activities are sponsored by the school but are not part of the academic curriculum. They can help reduce stress, peer pressure, and social flaws. Extracurricular activities create well-rounded students who learn what interests them now to apply to their future. They allow students to determine priorities and manage time. Responsibility is an important trait to acquire and organizations help students develop this asset. Extracurricular activities provide students a way to find friends and expand social skills. They allow students to accomplish something while in high school and possess quality leadership goals. Also, staying in school is a main goal parents want their children to accomplish. By maintaining credible grades and …show more content…
For example, they help build better social skills. Students tend to be around their same group or team for numerous hours of the week which helps develop more sociable personalities. Students that spend time in a certain activity tend to make friends and adjust to a new environment easier, along with possessing quality leadership roles. Extracurricular activities teach students how to act appropriately to each other, no matter the situation. Furthermore, they build relationships outside of school, while still being monitored by adults. Sometimes, students react differently outside of school compared to in a classroom. “Youth who participate in activities can learn important skills, such as teamwork or leadership skills, and these skills may help them in other parts of their lives” (Wilson, 12). Team building activities in organizations allow students to learn boundaries and leadership positions. They learn to get along with everyone and make the best of all circumstances. On the other hand, extracurricular activities are a prominent way to keep students in

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