Argumentative Essay-On-One After School Homework

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Homework clubs help students make the difficult task of juggling extracurricular activities and schoolwork more manageable. After-school homework clubs should be established because they improve overall student achievement. Students may need extra help with certain topics that don’t come as easy to them. Students might need someone to explain the topic in a different manner than their teacher. The club can turn the aimless hours after school into productive learning time, and a time to build connections with other children in the club. In addition, the main aim for homework clubs is that they help students get into good work habits and develop organizational skills.
School topics vary in difficulty, so students may need a little extra one-on-one
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When in fact, they could be making new friendships or gaining new skill sets. Homework often causes friction between kids and adults, so getting it done during the club can make the evening more pleasant and relaxing. It may give students the ability to build relationships with other kids that share the same academic struggles. This can make students feel better, when knowing they are not the only one struggling. Most students would find this club beneficial if their academic work is suffering, because they cannot find a quiet spot to do their homework at home. Lastly, this club is a quiet and structured environment for students to learn in a more effective and efficient way, without becoming frustrated with their academic struggles.
After school homework clubs should be permitted in light of the fact that they can allow students to get private help with troublesome subjects. Every student has a different subject they struggle in, and may need individual help. Learning styles differ, so students may need the information explained in a different way. Many students put their homework and studying off to the side, and fill their time with other less important activities. Overall, this club will help students take that shot towards improving their academic

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