How Does Emotion Affect Our Lives

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How Emotion controls relationships
Emotions control our lives. It is impossible to imagine a life without emotions as it is a primary determinant in our relationships with others. Different emotional expressions are exhibited in relationships under different circumstances. Humans treasure their feelings in whatever they do, be it watching a football game or a touch by a loved one. Emotions give a clue on the current situation of a relationship, for instance; positive emotion translates to fulfillment in the relationship whereas negative emotions show that the relationship is not at its best. Negative emotions such as sadness when our loved ones die, helps us come to terms with the situation at hand. By being aware of our feelings, we can change our decisions or perception of certain things so as to avoid any negative influence on our relationships. Emotions are something that the human race cannot do without in life; if we did not have emotions, then we could not come up with rapid decisions on the various situations that we may encounter. The role of emotion in people relationships
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Our loved ones may show emotions in the form of happiness, anger, disgust among other ways and at the same time it can turn out to be persistent, complex and life changing situation. Since we are always expressing emotions, it becomes easier for others to judge based on the emotional expressions. As such our emotions act to convey information about our relationship with others. Emotions play a great role in various relationships that human beings have, from a family connection to love relationships. For instance, through emotions, we can make decisions, signal our partners, communicate the future desired behavior from those who we are in a relationship with and also give insight into the relationship progress. Intrapersonal, interpersonal, social and cultural relationships are all influenced by the emotions we express to

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