Emotions In The Great Depression

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Triggered by the stock market crash of 1929, which sent Wall Street into a panic, the United States of America and a number of other countries fell into an economic depression era. Well known for its high unemployment rates and dark depressing times this era, also known as the Great Depression, was a point in history where everything that someone ever worked for was lost if they didn’t act fast. But while some people were standing in soup lines there were others that made a living illustrating the lives and hardships of society. These people were artist who painted, snapped photos, and sculpted the everyday expressions and emotions of humans before and after the 1930’s, who paved the way for a new period of intense artistic experimentation …show more content…
They could express positive and negative reactions to a cause and influence behavior and communication, which you can’t get through a photo or painting. As an example, when a person becomes angry their emotions tend to cause their bodies to react with aggressiveness while when a person becomes sad they react by crying. This differs because in artwork noone actually knows the reason for a certain emotion that’s being shown so therefore you have to look beyond the figures and into the scenery.
Although the use of artist adding emotions into their work during the Great Depression era wasn’t the beginning of a new trend it is a great example of how they were used. The Depression era was a time where having a normal and steady job was becoming harder due to job and budget cuts. As a result, artist at this time were able to use what they were seeing and make a living showing the everyday poverty and struggles that people had to overcome. This is unique because instead of expressing their own feelings in their work that they were making they had to do an even harder job which was express someone else
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Instead of focusing solely on expressing the depressed feelings of other people and their workforces artist were beginning to show more of how they were feeling and what their intentions for the future were in their art. This new period was a sign of hope for society and it was becoming more frequent for artist to add their own styles into their work. Although there were some ideas that was given to the artist to illustrate. Some of the ideas included painting and drawing cities, landscapes, harbors, mills, and industrial scenes. Which were all a part of the American scene (

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