Importance Of Effective Communication In An Organization

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Effective communication in the organization can improve performance and morale of other employees, therefore there are some communication tips that supervisors or managers may find helpful.
a. Be straightforward and direct in your spoken and written communications.
b. Avoid using threatening, demeaning, or angry tone of voice.
c. Listen when you are not speaking. Rephrase and reflect back what an employee has said to make sure you understand correctly the message the employee is trying to pass.
d. Keep your tone of voice at a moderate level.
When assigning tasks, a supervisor has to:
a. Clearly assign responsibility for tasks and projects, particularly when assigning a task or project to groups of employees.
b. When assigning work to groups,
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d) Cultural Barriers: A cultural barrier arises when two persons/ employees in the organization belong to different countries, religions or states.
e) Physical Barriers: Most organization have close doors for those in top levels of the organizational ladder while the large working areas are actually located far apart. This kind of barrier hinders effective communication among employees.
Frequent staff meetings offer an opportunity for managers and employees to collectively discuss issues associated to the business operations. Supervisors must develop a written meeting outline, with the contribution of employees, and hand it out to employees in advance. This allows the opportunity for all possible topics and issues to be discussed. It also gives employees time to evaluate the agenda and plan for the meeting. Any time an important communication occurs between a supervisors and employee, the outcome of the communication must be written down by the employee who initiated the meeting.
Feedback is important in communication because it tells if the employee understands the message in the same terms as anticipated by the supervisor and whether the employee agrees to that message or

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