The Importance Of Communication In The Workplace

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With different ways to communicate in business, the types of communication can determine the professional level of the workplace. A professional level of communication makes a difference over unprofessional, we need to ensure that the standards are high and that they match the status of the job. Each job will have specific communication skills for employees to follow. This may include keeping emails, phone calls, and conversations on a professional level, not personal. Starting to look at the different jobs and how many of them use some form of communication equals most work places. There are many different methods of communication that can be used within the workplace. According to Business Communication (2014) on page 19, two main forms …show more content…
Polito discusses the many different strategies that can help give an easier form of communication. Polito also covers the common theories of communication and how they can be properly used. When talking with an employee, it is important to support them during stressful times. Supporting others will help lead them to strong communication. There are a few ideas that Polito finds important to help communication in the workplace: prepare, purpose, practice, manage emotions, listen, and timely feedback and follow-up. Speaking can become a great form of workplace communication, if you study and learn these …show more content…
The types of communication can determine the professional level of the workplace. This becomes a key aspect to running a successful business and to keeping everything flowing properly. After researching how to communicate in the workplace and what is a professional level of communication is, you can see there are many different forms of communication and the form you choose to use can either help or hinder you in different ways. Communication is a skill we must master to have a successful career. Taking the time to study the skills can help you become a better communicator at

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