Photography As A Communication Tool Analysis

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Sometimes life happens and things don’t go according to our plan, but I don’t think that should have an impact on our jobs and should put us behind. If I’m leading a project at work and have to guide my team, my first and the most important tool is to break the task into steps which makes the job look easier and shorter and then have check points so nobody gets lost and things are smooth. I’d break the job in such a way that each member gets the task they are good at, which will make it easier for each individual. My second essential technique is to keep on giving my team members’ reminders for the deadlines to ensure nobody’s behind and everyone’s on the same page. Constant reminders would save them from the last minute pressure to ‘just’ complete the task, but will also make them give their best to it. My last but not the least tool is to keep on giving them my constant feedback to make sure we are getting done exactly what is required.

Communication is a very important aspect of every business and without communication tasks can be delayed or even completely stopped. As stated it is of great significance for new as well as experienced employees. Communication should be
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Photography is not just my profession, but my passion. It became my profession after it was my passion and I never feel like I am at work when I am at a shoot. I think I am the most intelligent when I am taking pictures. I know what my aperture has to be or how I have to bump up my ISO or lower it. I get the perfect frame in my head in a few seconds after looking at the location and know exactly how I need to portray my subject. When editing the photographs I immediately know which images needs a black and white filter to make it very intense and meaningful and which images need a pop of colors to define their stories. I play with it in a way that the picture tells its own

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