Importance Of Customer Loyalty

Businesses today focus on maintaining satisfied as well as loyal customers to ensure effectiveness in the midst of steep competition. Companies now with the implementation of apt customer management strategies could significantly emphasise on gaining competitive advantage. In order to meet their objectives they should primarily understand the nature and expectations of the customer. Customer centric approach has time and again proved effective and businesses have benefited by considering such approach.

Companies today value the concept of customer loyalty as it helps in meeting various types if business need in a unique way. Customer loyalty is important for achieving success in the business. Organisations emphasise on adopting key characteristics to ensure customer driven services so that they could sustain in the market. Besides maintaining quality of the product, it is also essential for the company to manage customer response and involvement to understand if they were happy with the product or services offered. Loyalty analysis hence is an important process.

Customer is the most important factor in the economic development of the company. Hence meeting customer expectation and catering to their need automatically helps in attracting buyers and encourage repeat purchase. Thus, with significant
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Customer loyalty programme is also an important part of branding activity. Brand and branding are concepts closely associated with psychological and emotional association of a customer with a particular product. Implementation of effective loyalty enhancing strategies influences branding approaches and customers retain the brand image in their mind and easily associate with the product and attributes while purchasing the

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