Customer Involvement Essay

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Consumer involvement can be known as a strategy that a company adopts and if it does so, it has to combine all its functions to enable the functionality of the strategy. “Involvement with product has been hypothesized to that it leads a greater insight of attribute differences, greater product importance, and greater commitment to brand choice” (As said by Howard and Sheth, 1969). It can be concluded from this statement that involvement enables the consumers to create a differentiation in their minds as they feel linked to product and ultimately it holds importance near them eventually resulting in commitment and loyalty.
Customer involvement is a basic tool that leads to success. Many inspired and those organizations which are mainly based
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Similarly Involvement in marketing and sales is not behind such as mobile companies let customers browse features of mobile phones before making their purchase decision, interactive advertisements are being designed now days such as BMW created an outdoor ad where customers could step on an accelerator made on the floor and hear the sound of …show more content…
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