Importance Of Career Guidance And Guidance

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5.1. Introduction

A process that enables individuals to take a well-informed and realistic decision about one's future career is known as carrier guidance and advice. In India, family and social networks generally provide this service informally. The parents, relatives, neighbours and teachers who are part of this network often advice students in choosing educational streams that can ensure high return on investment. They guide the students to become an engineer, a management graduate a doctor, or a public servant and earn high salaries or have access to administrative power.

This informal system of career advice and guidance worked well till the eighties. It was because the career choices in India, both for parents and learners, were limited
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Rather, it has a much broader scope and relevance. The definition below, adopted partly from OECD Policy Makers Handbook highlights the important aspects of an effective career advice and guidance system.

 Career advice and guidance is for all. It is a set of service and activities, the objective of which is to help individuals, of any age and at any point throughout their lives, manage their career. Research studies too suggest that career advice and guidance are effective with most age group.

 It is an on-going process that intends to facilitate realistic and informed decision making regarding three distinct choices,

• Type of school or college: It relates to advice and guidance to a child (and parents if the child is too young) and grown-ups in choosing the type of school or college he/she should attend based on
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It is recognised to have the biggest effect. It is conducted by trained professionals who have diverse knowledge about the present labour market requirements and future trends. They are also trained to help counselee gain greater self-awareness of his aptitude, interest, skills and personality and thus facilitate him take career related decisions.

5.2. Benefits of formal career advice and guidance

A formal system for advice and guidance is a new concept in India. Though untested in the India context, evidence from developed countries strongly suggests that a robust career guidance system can address the needs of present generation of students, and help employees improve their employability. It can also contribute to labour market efficiency by addressing the issues of demand and supply mismatch. In order to create an effective career advice and guidance system, it is necessary for all stake holders to play a key role in various capacities.

5.2.1. Learners:

Learner would benefit the most out of an effective career advice and guidance system. It would help them be aware of their skills, aptitude, interest and personality and hence decide on a school or college, training and a job that not just matches their traits but is also in tune with requirements of the job market. This would result in better wages, increased job satisfaction and better career

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