Dance Reflective Essay

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. I had never noticed my poor arm alignment until it was brought to my attention. One of my peers, Joy Scott, advised me to lift my elbows to the ceiling while in different positions such as first and second. She also mentioned if I did not feel anything engaged, I was not doing it right. From that point on, I was determined to adjust my arm alignment as it became evident to my professor. I received feedback during my midterm conference and I continued to work on my arm alignment in and out of the studio. It took a few months for me to get into the habit of lifting up in every balance because I had a tendency of falling forward. This occurred because my shoulders were rolled back instead of being in line with my body. Another one of my goals …show more content…
Learning information on the Limón release and suspension technique and Doris Humphrey’s fall and recovery technique, I was able to implement this into the modern dance course. I allowed my body to give into gravity, but also remembering the use of breath and musicality. I gained knowledge on the changes in history of ballet from the beginning to present day. Knowing ballerinas were required to wear corsets to keep their upper body straight inspired me to imagine I was wearing one during class to keep from being loose. Not only were changes made over time with the corset, but changes in a dancer’s presentation also. A famous ballet “Rite of Spring”, originally choreographed by Vaslav Nijinsky, brought along many of the changes in ballet. These changes include music, clothing attire, shoes, face makeup, movement, shoes, and tempo. I believe if this piece never marked its place in history, modern dance would not be the way it is today even though it was considered a ballet. I have always thought of ballet being romantic. This style of ballet; however, gave me a different perception and appreciation. I would like to learn more about Vaslav Nijinsky and what inspired him to change the style of ballet in the early twentieth century. Adding the history of ballet and modern to my technique classes has allowed me to progress along with a better understanding of dance

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