Importance Of Areas Of Strength

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Areas of Strength (with evidence):

The beauty of the new curriculum is that it allows teachers to have creativity over how and what they teach and allows teachers to create opportunities for learning outlined in goal 8. My ability to utilize relevant learning resources and technology in the classroom has also supported the development of critical thought processes. In a lesson I created for Language Arts, students were able to listen to story through YouTube. I think it was important for me to emphasize to students the purpose of watching and hearing a story be read, it wasn’t simply ‘movie time’ but there was a reason to watch it and learn from it. All students including those with exceptionalities were engaged with the video. We were able
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We are slowly developing skills that will ultimately support this in our classroom. Again, I have students always refer back to the charter created by them to outline behaviour expectations. I simply pose questions to students or give them an opportunity to make a good decision. Students have also started to show excellent judgement in recognizing when they need to move when standing in the line, sitting in assembly or asking to move during work time. We are building a community of learners that is starting to understand the importance of the choices, but also why we make such …show more content…
I have realized that the complexities of planning, over planning and under planning. The difference between realizing and we are uncovering rather than trying to cover subjects has been instrumental in my learning. The true sense of a student-centered approach is meeting students where they are and using this to guide instruction. For example, I have learned so much of what the students need from their journals. I used to think that journals were somewhat of a time pass (even though for writing) now I realize how assessment, in its many guises, is foundational to effective and powerful learning as outlined in goal 10. Through this formative information I have been able to create mini lessons catered to students for spelling, writing structure etc. In this way I feel that I have learned how assessment and learning goals go hand in

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