Reflection On Differentiating For Student Success

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For driving my “Differentiating for Student Success” focus the specific CSTP element and specific standard element that I will use is Standard 1: Engaging and Supporting All Students in Learning under the specific standard element of 1.1 Using knowledge of students to engage them in learning; and Standard 5 Assessing Students for Learning under the specific standard element 5.4 Using assessment data to establish learning goals and to plan, differentiate, and modify instruction.

List your current developmental level of your chosen CSTP.

For Standard 1: Integrating
For Standard 5: Applying

Where am I now?

Currently, I am more than halfway through the semester with my social science students. Recently I have made a few changes with
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Where am I going? What would I like my reality to be?

Presently, the direction that my class is going I feel that there is a gap of student learning achievement that needs to be filled. I think for using direct instruction with myself presenting my students understand the material, but I do not know if they would be more engaged with this type of instruction than if I tried something else. That alone, makes me ponder if the direction that I am going with my class is not at a standpoint in which the students can reach their highest learning potential unless I try something new with direct instruction or possibly differentiating how I am going to have my students demonstrate with me about what they have learned.

In reflecting upon this and in regards to my chosen CSTP and current level of differentiating for student success, I would like my reality to be a class of students who are highly engaged and can demonstrate at the highest levels of performance their overall student achievement in comprehending the social science material that they were presented.

3. How can I close that gap between my reality and ideal? What specific action will I take?

For closing the gap between my reality and my ideal, I will consider the following to address with my specific course of
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Instead of presenting the lesson material and concepts with my students through myself giving direct instruction, I will now experiment and have my students watch instructor pre selected videos that correspond to the academic subject matter and content topic that the students will be learning. While the students are watching the videos, I will have my students take notes about the video. For my ELL students, I will differentiate this process by instructing them specifically to focus on the historical figures from the videos to take notes on as this will be more relevant for what they will use to report in demonstrating what they have learned in their summative assessment. For my non-ELL students, I will instruct them to take notes with a greater emphasis about sequences of change over time that affect the development of a particular civilization or historical outcome. It is my hope by making this change of differentiation of instruction that my students will be more stimulated and engage with the learning material where they will be able to demonstrate what they have

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