Importance Of Agriculture Education

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I was raised on a small gain production farm north of Little Rock, Iowa. Little Rock is a small community of 450 people. Growing up in a small town I made me who I am. I have always had a kind heart and an ear to listen. I was really involved in my high school. I was literally in just about everything. I had a lot of great friends I met though the things I was involved. Growing up, I loved to do anything outside especially if it was help my dad work on the farm. I was taught from an early age you work until you get the job done. You do not just put in your 8 hours and leave. If something needed to be done I was expected to do it before I could do anything else. I was taught hard work is important if you want to achieve anything in life. My parents always told my sisters and I if we were not going to work hard at something than just do not do it because you will be wasting all the people’s time that are trying to help you. Some of my talents include my ability to work hard, leadership, and being a positive role model. My ability work hard was defiantly shown through with my academic journey. I have never been the smartest. I had a teacher tell me that it was not realistic for me to graduate high school. I am now a …show more content…
Freshman year, our school did a science fair and it really started my passion for science. My sophomore year, I joined FFA and my teacher really helped me develop a passion for agriculture. I never thought that would have gotten the opportunity to bring some of my favorite things to do when I was younger in to my future job. Most teachers do not get to have the relationship that an agriculture teach or FFA advisors do with their students. I want to know my students unlike some teachers would just show up and teach and never do anything with their students. I sometimes spent more hours in a week with my ag teacher than my own

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