Importance And Scope Of Social Media

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1. Introduction
Modern world is a world of communication and social media plays an inevitable role in modern communication. Today People think how to reach at one’s partner, friends, parents, relatives, benefactors, colleagues, etc. within a moment. For this people use sophisticated scientific and technological means and mediums. Social media is one of the means to reach people as close as possible within seconds. It is one of the means of communication. There are different types of social media with its merits and demerits. The basic aim of social media is building up of interpersonal and communitarian relationship.
We live in the era of social networks. Occasionally the aspirations
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Social Media as an influential means of Communication
Social media is composed of mainly internet and mobile phone based tools for sharing and discussing information and for entertainment. It combines technology, telecommunications, and social interaction and contributes a stage to communicate through words, image, video, and music. Thus social media comprises web- based and mobile technologies used to turn communication into interactive dialogue.
Billions of people create trillions of connections through social media every day, but few of us consider how each click and key press builds relationships that, in aggregate, form a vast social network. Social media creates such immense potentialities of human engagement. The creative users of social media tools eagerly send personal or public messages, post strongly felt opinions, or contribute to community knowledge to develop partnerships, promote cultural heritage, and advance social development. Creative social networks connections link people to other people, documents, locations, concepts, and other objects. New tools are now available to collect, analyze, visualize, and generate insights from the collections of connections formed from billions of messages, links, posts, edits, uploaded photos and videos, reviews, and
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The social media ad network has become very part of human life than ever before in recent times. The complex structures that emerge from social webs relationships can now be studied with computer programs and graphical maps that leverage the science of social network analysis to capture the shape and key locations within a landscape of ties and links. Thus the far range development and influence of social media is incompatible now.
Social media helps to keep up-to-date, to share newly acquired knowledge very effectively within the society and to advance the quality of our particular field and create a sense of responsibility. The quickness of social media generates more creativity and awareness in the society. It pervades the entire social life of the people especially among youth in the society. The audiovisual media, print and other communication technologies controls and moderates modern human existence by mediating diverse interactions between people. A few real examples might shed light on how the power of social media could be used to build an online presence for the propagation of catholic news and teachings.
• A video channel on YouTube for streaming interviews and other videos.
• A Twitter account for keeping in touch with peers worldwide through short messages.
• A blog for publishing updates.

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