Importance And Importance Of Internet Marketing

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(Stroud, 1998). For instance, Tesco uses internet marketing in communicating its products and services not only in the United Kingdom but also across the whole world. Because of its importance and advantages in the local and international markets, e-marketing has been adopted by many companies ranging from multinational corporations to small and mid-sized enterprises (Merzeklal, 2010). From the definition it can be deduced that e-marketing is comprised of activities and processes conducted by a business through the worldwide web with the aim of attracting new customers, developing a company's brand identity and retaining the existing customers. For any company to survive and succeed in the current marketing and business world it must ensure …show more content…
These activities are effectively conducted by e-marketing (Mahmoud, 2011).
Researchers and scholars have indicated the importance of e-marketing against traditional marketing. As Darby et al. (2003) note, when effectively implemented the return on investment from online marketing is far much higher than that of traditional marketing strategies. Basically, e-marketing is used by many marketers because it saves time as no time is wasted in explaining the product and its price to customers. The quality and price of the marketed product is clearly indicated on the website thus customers can learn it by themselves and proceed to order it (Kirkey, 2010). Additionally, this type of marketing is important to customers as it saves them time they could use in looking for the products they want. The current technological advancement has ensured that internet is the most consulted source when customers want to purchase different
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In the global market, online marketing is mainly used by large corporations which have a large customer base across the world but not by small and mid-sized enterprises which mainly operate locally. These SMEs use local marketing strategies as their customers are found locally and their products and services are rarely sold in the global markets. Additionally, e-marketing is used to reach out those customers living in the urban areas as they have the accessibility of internet.The current generation is conversant with the internet thus use of internet marketing is considered as the most effective and efficient way of reaching out many customers. Basically, most of the current youths are frequent users of internet making it easier and effective for companies to communicate their products and services in the market. There are many studies that handled capacity and competitive advantages in companies but without linking those capabilities with E-Marketing. Hence studies that linked modern E-Marketing to competitiveness is highly encouraged, timely and

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