E-Commerce Website Analysis

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1. Introduction of E-Commerce Website

Electronic commerce or know as e-commerce is a major section of the internet. E-commerce websites encourage and exchanges business, transactions over the world powerful network through a computer. Virtually anyone can now work together online. Getting a store online is simpler and less costly. (Network Solutions, LLC, 2014)

An online store in today world worked incredible with numerous features. It is easy to setup an e-shopping compared to a shop. This is because online store can be setup either by using plugin or website automatic plugin generators for e Commerce functionality. (Barron, 2014)

There 's an immeasurable distinction in e-Commerce arrangements. In today 's multiple channels, world business
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(Balaraman, 2012) These are some alternative consideration when going to choose an e-commerce website platform.

- What is the choice of the platform available in the market today?

There are many choices of platform available in market today such as magento, prestashop, shopify, woo-commerce, wp e-commerce and many more.

During the process of developing e-commerce website you will have to decide the platform. Wrong decision making in choosing the platform can lead to waste of time and efforts. So the question is will you be free to do it back from scratch. Most of the different platform would not have same settings so precisely discuss what you would need such as the feature, functionality and its extension utility.

- What are you selling in this e-Commerce website?

Items matter a considerable measure in the e-Commerce website. An item in the website can totally change the choice of the platform. The e-Commerce website is depended on the decision of item that may need certain functionality and features.

- Considered the payment options and the
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Since Google dispatched the versatile responsive testing apparatus, it has turn out to be clear that site responsiveness. In Shopify, all bundles will give your business responsive free and premium topics. When you utilize WooCommerce, there 's likewise an alternative to make your site responsive or not. The main significant contrast between the two will be the sticker for utilizing the subjects with responsiveness. d. Design Flexibility

WooCommerce gives you finish control over modifying the front-end client encounter and the back-end organization. It 's less demanding to enhance your configuration, client shopping knowledge, and record administration to any degree in case you 're learned about web improvement. On the other side, Shopify is a simple to-utilize stage that is generally rigid in its plan choices and restricting in its customization.

e. Search Engine

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