Essay Implementing A New Project That Will Benefit An Organization

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Implementing a new project that will benefit an industry takes investors, time, money and a planning committee to ensure that the right equipment is selected for the right project. It also ensures that the equipment will benefit the business at its appropriate time. In health care the demands for modification and adjustment comes often to benefit the overall care for the patient. In today’s society technology has thrust its way to the forefront of medicine and its demand has become high giving it a place as an important factor that is very significant. Throughout the history of healthcare, technology has brought the healthcare system forward into the new millennium. As health care changes so does the way we communicate and provide care for patients. In recent years as paper records proves more unreliable and there has been a high demand for the placement of electronic medical records. Through the proposal of the Healthcare Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, hospitals and healthcare systems were advised to convert to an EMR system so that the Centers of Medicare and Medicaid can evaluate care and determine payment for services provided.
A conversation about the implementation of EMR systems for a healthcare community led me to interview Sandy Stoll, a Nursing Home Administrator for Franke at Seaside in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina. Her task as an administrator is to execute the implementation process for the Electronic Medical Records that require…

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