Implementing A New Program For Children Essay

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You are an executive director at a small rural domestic violence agency, and you and your staff want to implement a new program for children.
Beginning with the resources shown in Chapter 13 on pp. 490-492, identify at least three grant/funding sources that would be appropriate to apply for, following the guidelines and recommendations about this in the textbook (this is the pre-application phase).
“In the pre-application phase, you must find and identify potential grants sources. The list of potential sources should focus on those that sponsor activities similar to yours. Exclude those that have shown no interest in your particular field, do not grant funds for projects in your locale, or have other unacceptable limits. In this stage, you will also research the Internet and make preliminary contacts with likely grantors to identify deadlines and discuss their organizations interest in proposals such as yours” (Kirst-Ashman & Hull, 2015, p.493). Weyerhaeuser Family Foundation Children’s Initiative Grant- “The goal of the children’s initiative is to support direct service programs that create and promote stability, resilience, and healing for children who have witnessed domestic violence” (Weyerhaeuser Family Foundation, 2016).
Rural Sexual Assault, Domestic Violence, Dating Violence and Stalking Assistance Program- “This program supports…

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