Implementation Of The International Classification Of Diseases Ninth Revision, Clinical Modification

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With respect to the change in sector level at HIS Department, the managers and directors of HIS Department have

a long history of setting and accomplishing smart goals in their organization. That is to say they set goals that are

specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely. For example, the implementing of the International

Classification of Diseases ninth revision, Clinical Modification(ICD-9-CM) in 1979 and the inpatient prospective

payment system accomplished by the His department in 1983, you will see that all these are smart goals because

they motivate both the employees and the management as they give direction as to duration when the in turn to

achieve these goals, which is a great challenge to the employees and the management of HIS Department. However

whether we are talking about the previous goals which was accomplished by the His department or we are talking

about the current goals which they have set to accomplished( Implementation of the International Classification

Diseases tenth revision(ICD-10-CD) , etc these smart goals, definitely provide a challenge to the employee as well as

the management of HIS Department which causes them to think outside of the box and have a rethink on how they

can accomplish these goals. Furthermore, the management and directors at HIS Department check the employees

and the workload on a daily basis to energize them and make sure they are gearing towards their expected end.

The principle…

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