Empowering Employees

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The employees are the backbone of any successful business, with hard working, committed employees, who have like-minded goals of success with the business, many accomplishments will be made. Positive reinforcement reassures employees that they are wanted, cared for, and viewed as a partner that deals with the success of the company (Kahl, Woon, 2015). It is essential to empower employees to preserve the convection for success that was established upon first arrival. By empowering employees they become inventive, they feel more comfortable to try to solve problems on their own and help customers to the best of their abilities (Kahl, Woon, 2015)
Customer satisfaction is another key when dealing with a successful business, without loyal customers
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A., Ph.D, 2015). Recruitment, selection and training processes can all be very costly for a business, which makes it important to recruit talented employees who meet, or better yet, exceed the expectations of the company. When selecting new employees narrowing down the applications it is essential, but still, companies are faced with the main challenge of finding loyal, talented employees who have decided to invest their time and trust within the company while being very committed to success (Breaugh, J. A., Ph.D, …show more content…
During the selection process, there are many factors to take into account, when you are deciding as to whom you would see fit to become your next employee (Breaugh, J. A., Ph.D, 2015). You should also ask the applicants hypothetical problems and see how they would go about trying to solve the problem. In order to avoid failure, it is important to construct a superior recruitment strategy because if your company does not have a guide line or reference point as to where the business want to be versus are at currently (Breaugh, J. A., Ph.D,

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