Summary: The Benefits Of Raising Minimum Wage

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From the early 20th century to now, minimum wage had a huge role in American society, where the working class are relying on this wage to live in America economy. As the minimum wage increases, there has been arguments between whether or not the wage should increase. As the scholars, researchers, and peers among these groups discussed that raising the minimum wage would benefit this working class. However, it may cost them their benefits as the research that has been done in the 2013. The scholars and the researchers believed that as the wage increase, it may harm this working class by losing their employee benefits that are given. In this controversial topic of rather or not raising the minimum wage would be a positive reinforcement to the …show more content…
What if there is a new theory of how increasing the minimum wage can be beneficial to the working class and have their employee benefits instead of throwing away the idea of how increasing the wage is a negative consequences towards the working class because of the employee benefits.
The theory of raising the minimum wage started off as when the Americans believed that raising the minimum wage is crucial in America because the people who are earning the minimum wage are mainly the working class. People who are classified as working class are strug- Park 2 gling because of their income aren 't substantial to provide enough coverage to support their family.
Due to the low wages, the employees that are earning the minimum wage are struggling to keep their keep their family out of poverty as result of the low wages, these working class
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As the research that has been shown recently that the researchers and the peers among these groups believes that raising the minimum wage can cause a negative outcome to Park 3 these employees and their employee benefits. It is important that the focus of raising the minimum wage and allowing these employees to keep their employee benefits because it is crucial due to the family support in the American system. Thousands of families that are earning the minimum wages are struggling because they can not support their family needs due to the low income that the higher rank companies are not providing enough for those of whom are facing to be in debt or poverty because they can not live under the wage that are given to the people. The government created the minimum wage to set the balance to the people where they’re earning their payment by the tasks that they were given, along with the balance of the wage given, these employees were also gotten the privilege to get the employees benefits, where they are

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