Staffing Problem: Gerorgia And The Human Resources Department

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Analysis of the staffing Problem

1. Lack of Communication and Coordination
• There is a lack of communication and coordination between the supervisors and the Human Resource Department. Gerorgia and the Human Resource Department were not given correct specific requirements for hiring the workers, but rather only goals in the forms of numbers to hire people for different departments. This posed a difficulty in acquiring the right kind of people for the departments.
• Therefore, even after training and development, the new employees were not able to meet the expectations. Even the majority of senior employees found them to be not the right fit for the designated jobs. Hence, the goals of the Human Resource Department were not aligned to the
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Developing an Incentive Scheme-
• Providing incentives to the HR department to hire the right people will prove beneficial. This will motivate people to hand in only valued recommendations and the HR department will take more measures to select the best suited candidates.
• Study by PETER LOVELL (2014) suggests that such commissions should be given on quarterly basis. Therefore, if in a situation where it becomes obvious that person hired is not suitable for the job, they will not get their commission as it is due only on a quarterly basis.

3. Recruiting within the Industry
• Hiring people from the same industry has its benefits as they will be aware of the market structure and situation. They would know the technicalities as well as the limitations of our work. This would mean we have to give less time for their orientation, which will save us cost and time.
• Moreover, they can bring in their own personal experience to help achieve the organizational objectives.
• For this informal networks can be should be developed within the industry so potential candidates can be informed or lured in to filling positions in our company. This method is useful for hiring people on higher level.

4. Improving Employer
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Recruitment Agencies-
• Since we need to hire 380 employees within a year, all of this requirement cannot be met by our Human Resource Department. Delegating part of the recruitment numbers to a Recruitment Agency will prove beneficial.
• It will ease the pressure on the Human Resource department and can provide a qualified pool of candidates as professionals will be involved in the recruitment process as suggested by Dessler, Griffiths and Walker (2007).

6. Finding the right fit is Essential
• Hiring people who fit in the organizations culture is essential. Such employees blend in easily with the staff.
• This leads to a better work environment. People tend to be more coordinated and communication between them increases. Hence, the productivity of staff increases and employee turnover rate decreases.
• Research has shown that hiring the right fit of people according to company’s organizational culture leads to increase the profits. Research by Christopher Collins (2008) suggests that businesses that follow such strategies reap 22 percent more revenue growth, 23 percent more profit growth, and have 67 percent less employee turnover than companies that do not have such hiring

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