Impacts Of Computers In Education

Today, education has changed since the beginning of introducing public schools. Not only the number of students and schools has increased, but so has the number of computers in a classroom. Computers are used each and every day, and has impacted education to a whole other level. Computers have impacted the world in multiple ways, life has become much easier than it was before. It has created a faster and smarter world for the people, especially the world of education for our teachers and students. I did some research on computers in education and found how it has positively impacted the teachers, the students, and education in general. I also found some statistics of how computers in the classroom has improved the student’s learning experience. …show more content…
Students are able to create projects, do research, explore learning in their own way, and etc. with computers. “Students have the ability to create blogs and wikis as research projects. Online videos and other media can be integrated into classroom instruction. Since computers are already so much a part of students’ lives, using them in classrooms offers relevancy as a motivation for learning” ( Computers brings the whole world into one classroom, giving students another way to experience learning. “Students are therefore the most privileged in this dispensation of ‘Knowledge explosion’. Learning is much easier and interesting. Carrying bulky notebooks is a thing of the past. Assignments could be written on the Computer and posted for evaluation over the internet” (

So let’s review, I had mention a little background of how computers started being used for education, the impact of computers from a teacher’s perspective and finally, how the children benefit from computers. Hopefully, you can conclude from this essay that computers have really made a huge impact on education. So instead of just using computers for video games, watching movies, streaming for funny cat videos, holding all your family photos, or for social media; use your computer as a tool to learn and expand your

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