Impact Of Technology In Today's Society

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TECHNOLOGY AND ITS IMPACT ON TODAY’S SOCIETY Technology has a huge part in today’s world and it is both negative and a positive thing. Anywhere you go, you will more than likely use some sort of technology. One of the biggest pieces of technology that is used nearly every day in the United States of America by an average person. The average American looks at their phones repeatedly throughout every day to do various things. Technology has rapidly evolved over the last decade. Now instead of having a basic phone in your hand, you have a mini computer in it. Technology keeps you connected in so many ways to so many different things. If it was not for this you probably would lose touch with all of these things that are not in your everyday …show more content…
It impacts in a tremendously positive way as well. You have an unlimited source of information at your fingertips. This comes in rather handy when you are in a heated debate about something and you would like to know which one of you is correct. You can just go on the internet to any search engine that is available to you and ask the question. The answer would pop up and tell you which is correct. This can be terrific tool to help you get through school too. This is also a bad habit to try and break too. If you need to know an answer on your homework, you are more than likely going to look it up on the internet where it is easy to access. This will not help you learn nearly as much as putting in the hard work and looking through the textbook. This helps you learn more because it makes you not want to have to look it up again. The biggest problem in today’s society is the lack of personal communication. Your health is based into three categories; mental, physical, and social health. We tend to put forth more effort into trying to get more “likes” or “favorites” than to actually have interaction with someone. We tend to start caring more about what everyone as whole thinks about you than the ones who truly matter. We all try acting like a different person online than who we actually are. So even if you do meet someone online you do not truly know if that is how they act in

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