Impact Of Social Media On Students

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The introduction of technology and social media has changed our lifestyles. The use of social media had increased among students and its impacts have been studied under many research studies to find out the impact of using social media on the academic performance of students. The reason of using social media is different among different students. Students use social media to make new friends, to seek jobs, to pass their leisure time, to chat with friends, to get news and to get academic information. The availability of social networking sites on smart phones has provided students quick access to all the social networking websites. This results in an increase in using of social networking sites by students which ultimately affect their grades …show more content…
They also like to do multitasking with the use of communication and information technologies. But, few studies have also investigated the effect of multitasking on the outcomes of education among different students. This study also fills the gap in such an area by utilization of web based large sample survey about use of communication technology for examining how multitasking and instant messaging affect the outcomes of perceived education. Since, multitasking is responsible for impeding the process of learning through the overloaded information; we have also explored the predictive element of academic failure mainly because of multitasking. Results suggest that students of college do the instant messaging at very high level; they also do multitasking by using instant messaging which had detrimental effect for schoolwork. Special types of multitasking and instant messaging activities are strongly associated with such students who were reported not doing their work done because of instant messaging. The study also discussed the implications and impacts of technology ( Junco and Cotten,

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