Essay on Imc Nike

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Integrated Marketing Communications: Nike
Ashford BUS 615 (MOE1540A)
Dr. Paula Zobisch
October 12, 2015

Nike is known worldwide for manufacturing and selling performance shoes as well as shoes that have become a part of the world’s most fashion savvy athletes and laymen alike. Nike has a great corporate image and boasts the likes of the wildly popular classics such as the Air Jordan, the Air Max, and the Air Force One shoe. Nike has clearly devoted time, research and energy into its company marketing and branding tactics. The very well know slogan “Just Do It”, has become a household phrase. In this paper, we will look at the integrated marketing communication tactics (IMC) used by Nike. We will analyze their
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“Advertisers (company speakers) rely on a form of shorthand to communicate their messages, taglines, or slogans used in commercials to sum up a product's benefits” (Levin & Behrens 2013). Although this sounds like a simple plan, Nike has spared no expense in getting the word out. According to Cendrowski (2012) in Fortune 500 magazine, Nike spent over 800 million in advertising in 2010 that was focused on non-traditional media such as apps or social media. This serves as Nike’s digital venue. E-Commerce or electronic commerce is one of Nike’s primary ways to sell their products. This simply means that they sell the majority of products online because this is where they reach the most consumers even though the shoes and clothing can be found in stores around the world. By investing so much money into online marketing, Nike can also take advantage of M-Commerce or mobile commerce, which brings tablets and hand held wireless device into play. (Ogden & Ogden 2014).
Another unique method to further the integrated marketing communications is a pop-up store. While in a large city one might stumble across one of these makeshift stores that are created as a temporary retail outlet and may offer items not found in the stores normally and items that are deeply discounted. This is just another way to capture the attention of the buyer and in this case even influence an impulse buy. Although Nike is finding success through nontraditional

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