Iep : Individualized Education Plan Essay examples

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An IEP (Individualized Education Plan) is a document that is created for students who are eligible for Special Education (NJ Department of Education) Under IDEA Act, the federal law that guarantees all children with disabilities, have the right to have access to a “free and appropriate public education” This individualized plan address the child unique learning disabilities; and the district, and the school, has the obligation to implement it. Students who have problems in math, language arts, or any other subject could be eligible for Special Education. Before this plan is implemented, students should take an evaluation and this one has to be requested for student’s parents, teacher, and counselors. The child Study Team, is the group that evaluates the students in different aspects, and decides what type of modifications or accommodations are necessary for the students, in order to be successful. (Page 1) According to “The IEP team, which includes parents and school officials, decides whether or not your child needs special education services in order to learn the general. IDEA states that, if the students present one or more, of 13 disabilities, he may qualify for special education. The school and parents review the evaluation and determine whether the results show that your child needs services and supports. If the IEP team agrees that your child needs services, then the next step is to create an IEP. If your child is found ineligible, you can still…

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