Essay on Identity Theft

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Identity Theft: Fastest Growing Crime
Tracy A. Baggett
DeVry University
Keller Graduate School of Management

Identity Theft; Fastest Growing Crime
Imagine waking up to news that you had accumulated hundreds of thousands in debt after someone used your identity for unauthorized purchases. This is exactly what happened to John Harrison, a Connecticut salesman. Jerry Phillips, the twenty year old who stole John Harrison’s identity went on a shopping spree that included purchases to Home Depot, JC Penny, Sears, Lowes and even bought two cars from Ford, a Kawasaki and a Harley. In just four months Jerry Phillips was able to accumulate $ 265,000 in purchases.
Jerry Phillips was later arrested and imprisoned for three years. He even went
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According to the Department of Justice, over 17 million people were victims of identity theft in the United States in 2014. The most common forms of identity theft are shown below in Table 1 which clearly shows primary targets are Government documents/benefits and credit cards. | Table 1: The Most Common Forms of Identity Theft | | | | | | Government/documentation/benefits fraud | 14% | | | Credit Card fraud | 17% | | | Phone or utilities fraud | 14% | | | Bank fraud | 8% | | | Employment-related fraud | 6% | | | Loan fraud | 4% | | | | | | | This year, the FTC reported the identity theft cases made up 14% of its more than two million 2013 consumer complaints. | | | | Source: FTC's Consumer Sentinel network, "In The Spotlight: Identity Theft--Facts and Figures, "National Criminal Justice Reference Service, January-December 2013., | | |

One reason for the increase in identity theft may be that consumers often become victims of identity theft without having any direct contact with the identity thieves is simply by doing things that are part of everyday routine – using their credit card or debit card and charging dinner at a restaurant, using purchase gasoline, groceries, or purchasing items online, or submitting personal information to employers and various

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