Bèla Kiss, And The Economic Repercussions Of Crimes

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This week’s readings introduced many aspects of crime that touch closer to home. Many students may be reading this same textbook, though I expect that we relate to these topics differently, some grasp our attention more and others, standing to be more significant to our lives and fears. This week we were introduced to the economic repercussions of crimes along with the fear of knowing that some serial murders are so cunning that they simply seem to disappear.

The reason many types of physical crimes are more feared for some individuals is the simple fact that it takes work to earn the things they chose to purchase. Time and effort is put into many articles of our everyday lives and regardless of what the item is it effects the ways we live.
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Bèla Kiss was a man who did not commit his murder nor demonstrate any early signs of being a serial murder until it was too late for his twenty four victims to receive justice. In the early twentieth century many people could see that the economy and social constructions would soon be changed in result of a war. Under the cover of such pending events one man decided to make use of large gas barrels. According to Philbin and Philbin, Bèla Kiss utilized the cans as preservation tubes for the nude bodies of his victims in and around his home. Unlike many serial murders we have been introduced to this semester Kiss was not sighted to have been an aggressive or abusive individual as an adolescent, and had not shown any interest in murder around his twenties as most do. Instead Bèla Kiss was a seemingly nice individual, with some oddities, but nothing alarming until around the age of forty, he discovered that his new wife was cheating on him. It is noted that the discovery of this affair and betrayal was the trigger, or stressor in Kiss 's life. He murdered his wife, and her lover, then preserved their nude dismembered bodies in a gas barrel with alcohol. As detailed by Philbin and Philbin, the killings must have fulfilled the rage he felt and he began to kill more women. This time he would take on women who had some interest in companionship, by correspondence in a print ad, with him along with significant financial standings. He would obtain access to their "money and worldly goods"(Phibin and Philbin 247) and then murder

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