Id Theft Literature Review Essay

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Ide ty Thef entit T ft Lit ture Re w terat e eview
Vinod K Kumar, MS080 055
Identity thef is the faste growing white-collar crime. ft est r Identity thef and identi fraud are terms used to refer ft ity to all types of crime in w which someo wrongfu one ully obtains and uses anothe person‘s p d er personal dat in ta some way th involves f hat fraud or dec ception, typi ically for economic ga In this r gain. review I have presented some of the cases if identity thef and tried t classify th f ft to hem according to their purpose and the harms cause o ed because of i it. 01-Oct-11

IISER Mohali

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Often, individuals learn that they have become victims of identity theft only after being denied credit or employment, or when a debt collector seeks payment for a debt the victim did not incur. There are several methods of Identity theft4 which will be discussed in details in my full term paper.


IISER Mohali

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Literature Review

Did privacy cause identity theft? – Lynn Lopucki
In his article "Did Privacy Cause Identity Theft?" Author Lynn LoPucki claims that the problem of identity theft that we have today is directly due to the increased privacy that various laws have given us in the past several years. He says that as recently as the '70s, identity theft was very hard for a criminal to pull off because there was so much public information about our identities. And because identity thieves need privacy to commit their crimes, the very privacy that we think is making things better for us has actually made it easier for identity theft to happen. There's certainly a correlation between the proliferation of privacy laws and identity theft, but attributing the identity theft to the laws may be an example of post hoc reasoning. It seems to me that the ways in which identities were verified in the past didn't really take advantage of the additional

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