Ice Skating Short Story

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The sun sparkles on the newly fallen snow as Saturday arrives. Christy flies down the stairs waking us, forgetting to help Mark out of his crib. We can hear his cries as she excitedly pulls us out of bed. This is her day. It belongs to no one else, her first solo ice skating competition. Preparing for this all important day has taken a great deal of work. Able to walk a balance beam at two, Christy takes to ice skating as quickly as she walks a balance beam. Before long we are involved in a world of group lessons, private lessons, ice pros, costumes, and ice shows. Thank goodness for the Zion Park District, five minutes away, and how lucky we are to have a regulation size rink in our small town, I think. As Christy graduates into higher levels of skating, I learn boots and blades are purchased separately with prices increasing …show more content…
I take a few pictures, but Dad is the photographer and I am anxious for him to arrive. Suddenly it’s time: warm-up at 9, competition 9:05, in the Freestyle 3, 7 & under category, two competitors joining Christy, the youngest of the group, and her friend, Rebecca. Now it’s her turn and she proudly takes to the ice in her sweet garnet red dress. The music of Annie fills the rink and off she goes, flowing across the ice, little jumps, hops, spins, and a leg in the air floating on one skate. In no time she is finished and Mark and I are clapping arduously. Christy beams as she takes a bow. Her day, indeed. Home again, and dad finally arrives. Sorry, I couldn’t get there, the office booked too many patients. Really? I thought. Since the day is so beautiful, let’s go sledding. Sliding down the hill at the park over and over and over, flapping our arms to create angels, we finally leave at dusk, tired, cold and hungry. While I make homemade pizza for dinner Dad gets the kids ready for

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