I 've Always Believed That The Road Of My Destiny Essay

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I’ve always believed that the roads lead to my destiny were shaped through the difficulties and failures I faced. The mistakes I made, the lessons I learned, and the actions I took must be the first brick in my wall of success. A successful future and a fruitful career obviously belong to those who are willing to work hard with strong passion and dare to fail. Thereupon, I am confident that my academic background and my fierce desire will lead me on to the road of my destiny.
By the time I was 10, nothing but writing could make me spend the whole day to get lost in my imagination. I was impressed by how well I performed in writing lessons at school as well as composing poems. Besides, English was the subject that I got excellent grades with tons of compliments. Meanwhile, my great performance and strong determination to learn French as another language gave me the opportunity to study in a prestigious school, emphasized on learning English and French. My love for language and writing encouraged me to join in multiple competitions as well as become a writer for a student magazine in my country.
Starting with summer training at “Advertising and Writing camp”, a 3 days camp for writers across the country to learn more about advertising field. I was impressed by the way the organization planned the events, made the promotions and amazingly created the advertisements. At that time, I found myself being passionate and fascinated by the field of Public Relation and Advertising.…

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