I 'm Making This Summary For Myself Essay

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I 'm making this summary for myself, but I want to share.
All the videos I got these concepts from can be found in this playlist:
1.) How to be Happy
A reader of a ton of self-help books comes to this conclusion:
Happiness is all about your mindset.
You either say "this sucks" or "this is a challenge or adventure I 'm going to take on"
2.) How to Make Stress Your Friend
Avoiding stress is impossible and not worth your time, Instead:
See stress as a healthy challenge (takes away all the mortality dangers of stress...no joke)
Seek social connection during stressful periods. (Oxytocin is released with your stress hormones, it is anti-inflammatory and heals the damage done by the stress hormones. Want more oxytocin? Have more intimate friendships and more physical contact.)
3.) Power of Now - A Pragmatic Guide
Yes, focus on the now because stressing out about things in the past or future is usually a waste of time and brings bad emotions.
But the speaker points out the fact you should focus on the now while moving towards your goals. See life as an awesome adventure of moving forward to your destination, which takes 100% of your attention.
4.) Secret to Happiness
This video says most of what makes us happy we can 't control or shouldn 't try to control (e.g. winning the lottery will probably make you a miserable person).
Instead we should focus on what we can control: faith (how we view the world), family / community, and work.
For work to make us happy, we have to feel like we…

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